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Envelope Portfolio

$29.00 $58.00

Green Canvas
Desert Canvas
Black Microfiber
Brown Microfiber
Brown Tweed
Regular price $29.00

Envelope Portfolio has 2 button with a leather string  to secure all papers or a tablet.  Trimmed in Italian Leather. 14 ⅝" x 11 ⅜"


  • Features

    • Trimmed with Italian leather. • Closure has 2 buttons with a leather string

  • Materials

    Our microfiber is synthetic fiber, fine denier and made from polyesters. It is the softest, toughest, absorption and water repellent. Our canvas has a texture of 3x3s, weight 16oz in plain with. It is strong and durable. Also, energy-saving and environmental protection. Tweed is a rough, woolen fabric and polyester, of a soft, open, flexible texture. It is woven with a herringbone structure. The polyester/wool plaid fabric is firm and durable, has strong wrinkle resistance and good heat resistance. 100% cotton plaid, multi-color check pattern. It is supple, breathable and cool.

  • Dimensions

    14 5/8" X 11 3/8"